Online Ads for Web3 Brands.

Next-gen crypto rewards advertising for innovation focused brands.

Never Pay for impressions again.

Brands want engagement, not impressions. Trusted rewards consumers with crypto for engaging with ads, so you only pay for real interactions with real people.

It's easy to get started!

1. Upload a 15 Second Video
2. Link to an Offer page on your Site
3. Draft a question to confirm they watched

That’s it! Only pay for engagements.

The future of Web is on the blockchain.

Trusted Ads is the first platform for people that are tired of having their data stolen and sold.

crypto-rewards advertising

Connect. Engage. Scale.

Crypto currency and blockchain technology present a unique opportunity to create ads that deliver a direct relationship with your customers.


Learn what your customers want.

Survey-based ads give you the chance to ask questions to your customers


Only pay
for better engagements.

Your video ads will never autoplay on our network, ensuring your ad dollars are never wasted.


Avoid “dead traffic” on ad pages.

On most ad platforms, you pay when consumers are simply shown your ad. At Trusted, you’ll never pay for dead traffic.


Collect and Analyze.

The Trusted dashboard will display all stages of consumer engagement.


A Trusted Ad is a video that a brand or advertiser has uploaded and been approved on the Trusted Ad platform. You can find these ads at or distributed across the web on our Trusted publisher network. It’s a brief video, generally 15 seconds, followed by one simple question regarding the video.

Simply press on an ad you wish to explore and the the main video page for that ad will present itself. From there you just press Play, sit back and enjoy for a handful of seconds.

Watch the whole video, then answer the advertisers question successfully, and remember to create a Trusted Ad account (if you haven’t already). That’s it.

Yes, privacy is one of our core principles at Trusted. Your data will not be sold or re-used in any way other than for Trusted to deliver better ads to you based on the information you provide. This is personalization without the need for tracking. Your email address or personal identity will not in any way be shared with any of our brand advertisers or other 3rd parties.

Cool products with cool videos do best on Trusted Ads. We want you to have fun watching these videos and the Bitcoin is just a little thank you for your engagement. Over time, we will add more ways to ensure that the videos you watch are more and more of personal interest to you so that no-one, you or the advertiser, is wasting their time or money in this ecosystem.

We guarantee to our advertisers that the views are coming from real people, not Bots. The question is a way of confirming that you are a real person that watched the video. It’s also a way for the brand to connect directly with you in some way. They might try to get your feedback on their video or product, rather than simply confirming you paid attention to the video.

Get your ads on the blockchain.

Create your campaign in under 5 minutes.