Creative Loafing Charlotte Partners with Trusted Ads to Deliver Bitcoin Rewards for Product Purchases on their Website

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 15, 2021 – In early 2020, before the Coronavirus pandemic took center stage, our public attention as a society was focused squarely on the abuse of our private data by technology advertising behemoths Google and Facebook.  Nowhere better was this highlighted than in the Netflix film, The Social Dilemma.  We learned in this movie what we all suspected but didn’t want to face… that we are not only being tracked everywhere online, but our time, attention, and purchasing habits are all being manipulated.  We were all outraged, but the pandemic then took our attention.  

Now in late 2021, we start to see the winds of change blowing.  Apple decided to make cross-app tracking of user data an opt-in rather than an opt-out (we’ve all seen the commercials).  Google has plans to retire cookie tracking from Chrome, but its replacement idea seems just as creepy (cohort grouping).  And publishers are left with the question of how to make money in a sustainable way.  This was the problem that Trusted Ads was formed to solve, and credit to Creative Loafing for seeing this vision for a better, sustainable future where everyone can win.     

The core premise of Trusted is that advertising should meet a few key criteria: 

  1. The merchants or product being promoted should be specifically chosen and approved by the publisher, not simply dynamically placed by a 3rd party platform.  
  2. The publisher should only be compensated when a purchase is made, and therefore the consumer has found true value.  This incentives quality of time and real intent, rather than quantities of empty eyeballs and impressions.  
  3. The consumer should benefit financially from this massive advertising ecosystem upon which they are participating and sharing data. 
  4. The consumer should have an opportunity to enhance this experience by proactively sharing more information about their interests.  Once there is trust that they aren’t being tracked, they can choose to opt-in to a better advertising game where everything is transparent.    

Creative Loafing is one of the first publishers to embrace this new form of advertising in service of its unique audience in Charlotte, NC.  Formerly a print publication, Creative Loafing has been around for over 50 years and is a staple of the Charlotte community.  With over 100,000 unique visitors per month, Creative Loafing looks to differentiate itself from the unfiltered content of the internet with this new service that they believe their readers will enjoy.  Owner Alex Womack has shared his perspective on the timing for this partnership with Trusted Ads Pursuing this partnership with Trusted Ads is a step towards the future of advertising. We are excited to bring great products, with better incentives to our audience.

Some readers still aren’t clear on why Bitcoin.  It’s a fair question.  Even with the rise in Bitcoin acceptance among the global community, it’s still not that easy to use in any tangible way.  Founder Zach Cardais of Trusted explains this well…. “Bitcoin is like the universal rewards program.  It’s technologically unique and a proven store of value anywhere in the world.  We decided early on at Trusted that if we are going to try and share a significant portion of the 200-billion-dollar advertising market with consumers, that Bitcoin was the currency of choice to maximize long-term value independent of inflation and free from centralized manipulation.”  

To learn more about Trusted Ads, Creative Loafing, or this partnership, please go to,

Trusted Corporation is in the business of delivering a new, honest, and performance-based approach to advertising where consumers benefit through Bitcoin back rewards.  We partner with Publishers to replace their older mechanisms of monetization with Trusted ads that provide affiliate revenues that can be shared by merchants with their consumers.  Trusted was founded in January 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

To inquire directly with Trusted Corporation, please reach out to

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