Affiliate Advertising,

Drive new revenue with branded promotions that pay out Bitcoin rewards and collect email addresses.

Grow Your Email List. Make More Money.

Deliver Relevant Content.

Trusted Ads delivers relevant, verified products to your readers, allowing them the option to earn rewards for purchasing products.

Engage Your Audience.

Trusted automatically sends an on-brand email to your reader, thanking them for signing up to earn rewards.

Increase Website Revenue.

When clicked, Trusted Ads will load an on-site branded widget for your reader to opt-in to claim their rewards from our Trusted Merchants.

Elevate Affiliate Sales.

Trusted's Affiliate Merchants take your readers through the buying experience, capturing conversions in real time. The Trusted Publisher Portal give you purchase analytics and revenue metrics at your fingertips.

New Ads for the New Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If the user doesn’t submit their email address for Bitcoin rewards, you won’t receive their email address. As long as they complete a purchase on the affiliate website in the conversion window (between 7 and 30 days of clicking the ad), you still get paid.

Yes, you’ll receive the email addresses of every consumer that signs up for your rewards program.

No, we pay you, the publisher, in $USD.

The first Tuesday of every month.


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Your branded ad unit that pays out Bitcoin rewards and collects email addresses.

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